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  • Vijay

    Above the age of 35 and want to immigrate to Canada? Read this

    Canada recently announced that French-speaking candidates will now get more Express Entry points. This policy follows Canada's goal to increase the Francophone population outside Quebec over the next three years. So what is the significance of this news for potential immigrants? Well, for starters, it does not impact individuals up to the age of 29. 

    With the below profile, your Comprehensive Ranking System score would be 481, which is good enough to get an invite at this point with the current minimum CRS cutoff hovering around 475 points:

    You are under 30 years of age,
    You have a Master's degree,
    You have three years of work experience in NOC A or B,
    You have an IELTS score of 8777.

    But consider this, what if you are above the age of 35? Let's view the profile of someone older who wants to immigrate to Canada. 

    With the below profile, the Comprehensive Ranking System score drops to just 434:

    You are 37 years old,
    You have a Master's degree,
    You have three years of work experience in NOC A or B,
    You have an IELTS score of 8777.

    Someone who is 37 years old, has a Master's Degree, three years of work experience in NOC A or B and CLB 10 in IELTS will have a Comprehensive Ranking System score of just 434. Even though this individual has scored maximum points in Education, Language and Work Experience, the Express Entry system's age penalty ensures that the CRS score remains low. Hence, this individual will not receive an invite in the current Express Entry draws where the cut off is hovering above 470.

    So what can such individuals do if they wish to live their Canadian dream and immigrate to Canada? The answer is simple. Learn French!

    Learning the French language seems to be the most effective approach in this case. Suppose we add French as a second language to the above individual's profile. In that case, the system will add 12 points for a second language and 50 bonus points for French-language.

    The Comprehensive Ranking System score of the same individual now increases to 496 points! With 496 points, this individual will now receive an invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.

    Learning the French language is easier said than done; however, it is the best strategy when we consider the host of other options to increase the score, including:

    Ph.D. Degree - requires a minimum of 4 years - increases score by 15 points over a Master's degree.

    Canadian degree - requires a minimum of 1 year and at least CAD 25,000 per year (Visa fees + Tuition + Living Costs) - increases score by 30 points.

    On the contrary, if you invest a year in learning French, it could give you a boost of 62 points at a fraction of the cost. 

    So is this boost applicable only to individuals above the age of 35? No, not at all. Anyone with a weak profile who cannot garner enough points can benefit from this point boost and realistically compete for an ITA. Adding French as a second language can certainly boost your chances of Canada Immigration.

    Good things happen to those who choose to persevere and persist. Adding a second language to your profile can go a long way in making your Canadian dream come true, so go for it.

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