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  • Vijay

    How to send transcript to IQAS with Truecopy

    Due to the pandemic situation, many candidates are facing challenge in sending transcripts to IQAS. Lot of universities are closed, and others are taking unusual amount of processing time. Good news is that IQAS now accepts digital documents for verification. For this, IQAS is accepting documents from TrueCopy to complete the assessment.

    Here is a short summary on how to send documents to IQAS using Truecopy:

    Step 1: Send soft copy of documents to Truecopy from university email address

    You can request the Controller of Examination/Registrar of your institute/university to directly email Truecopy a clear PDF copy of your official transcript (from their official email id only)

    Alternatively, they can send one hard-copy of your transcript and Truecopy can process and send it electronically to multiple recipient destinations. Please note that the transcript envelope should be unopened and should be duly signed and stamped by the authority of your institute/university. You may arrange to send it to the address below via any courier service:

    Truecopy Credentials Pvt. Ltd.
    201, Bhuwaneshwari, Abhimanshree Road (Opp Gate 4)
    Pune - 411008.
    Contact: 7066586968
    Email Id- [email protected]

    Step 2: Truecopy will authenticate and send transcripts to IQAS email address: [email protected]

    Once your University has sent transcripts to Truecopy, they will verify it and ask you to make a payment of INR 944 to share the transcript with IQAS. After your make the payment, you will receive an email like this:


    Your order has been received. You will receive online tracking information as soon as it is processed.

    Your transaction ID is: TXETSS030720DETXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Order details: International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS);

    NOTE: Kindly expect order-processing to take a few working days.

    The document will be directly sent to IQAS by Truecopy team.

    How to share academic documents with Truecopy using CVL NAD?


    If your documents are available over CVL NAD and there are series of steps involved to share with the Truecopy team as outlined below.  If your certificates are available over CVL NAD portal, then you don't need to send physical copies:

    1.       Check if your academic documents are available at CVL NAD website: https://cvl.nad.co.in/NAD/academicIns.action?activePage=academicIns

    2.       Create account at CVL NAD

    3.       Sign in and download the digitally signed document from CVL NAD and share it with Truecopy

    4.       Truecopy team will initiate online verification process, which you need to approve through the CVL NAD portal (Need to pay for it)

    5.       Truecopy will then send the document to IQAS

    Edited by Vijay

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    Hi Vijay,

    Is it necessary to even send it to TrueCopy? As I can see my universities listed in their list while filling the form, can't they directly send the attested copies to IQAS mail ID. I asked the universities and they said they have sent the files directly before.

    Also, what exactly am I supposed to upload below in the online application? As here it says just a written statement but in required documents it is asking for all the marksheets to be uploaded






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    Hi Tanya,

    Great question. Your University can indeed send the documents to IQAS - make sure it is from the official University Email address and not a private email address (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo).

    Also, as per the instruction in the screenshot, you must upload a written statement signed by yourself, confirming that your University would send your transcript to their email address "[email protected]" A written statement is simply a letter (a paragraph) stating that you are confirming that your University would send your transcript to "[email protected]" Scan it and upload. That should work fine.


    Keep me posted on the progress!

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    On 10/15/2020 at 7:03 AM, Sam-Ndubueze Chidi said:

    Is IQAS currently accepting applications? 


    Yes they are.

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    Hi Vijay,

    Can you please confirm if the college/university can send the official transcripts instead of truecopy?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Samarth Pol

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