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    May 2020 intake visa restriction exemption

    There is an update from Canadian govt. regarding the exemption to the international students who got their study permit before 18th March. Please check the link for detailed update...
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    Can Indians still apply for Canada Study permit for September 2020 intake amid Corona virus outbreak?

    Consultants and students residing there already are saying that September intake should be okay to apply.
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    List of VACs closed due to Corona outbreak

    Follow this link to know which VAC's are closed - 
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    IELTS testing suspended due to Coronavirus?

    It seems IELTS testing is suspended in select countries due to Coronavirus. Hope it does not impact India. Mainland China and Macau SAR Mainland China - Tests currently suspended until end of March 2020 Macau SAR - Tests currently suspended until 28 March 2020 Albania - Tests currently...