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    Canada Express Entry draw# 163

    Draw Predictions for today: All Program Draw: ITAs: 4200 CRS: 472 OR CEC/PNP: ITAs: 3300/600 CRS: 454
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    IELTS Cue Cards September to December 2020

    Download IELTS Cue Cards September to December 2020
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    IELTS Cue Cards Topics May - Aug 2020

    Talk about a small successful business you know well Describe a person who has apologized to you Talk about a family member that you spend lots of time with Talk about an interesting animal Describe a time you went to a crowded place Describe a change that can improve your local...
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    British Council resumes IELTS testing in India

    As per British Council website, IELTS testing has resumed in Bangalore from June 19, 2020: Link: