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Dec 10, 2021
Can A Canada Base Company Employ Some Who Lives in Another Country and he's trying to migrate to Canada

my question in summary is can a Canadian company pay for visa and flight tickets for someone who is in his home country but trying to immigrate to Canada? ,Then the deal will be like the company will be charging him from his salary , if his salary was suppose to be $300 weekly the company will be paying him $150 till they get all their spending back , assuming the company spent $2500 on him , charging $150 from his paycheck weekly should be nice he he keeps doing his jobs with the company 💯% . This works base on Both parties agreement.

The guys I'm taking about are graduate but no job opportunity in their country.

If this could be possible I know many healthy young guys from my country that has good record and good manner , they are ready to work 20 hours per a day , They can speak good English fluently , please someone kindly reach out to Companies in Canada looking for workers.

I ask this question because I saw a news on CNN that Canada are in need of More than 500k workers right now , shortage of labourers in Canadian Companies.

I also want to move to Canada too.

They are ready to move to Canada and work there base on agreement, they don't have money for visa and flight tickets because they Baily Survive here

Please I need good answer , idea and opinion. They can do any kind of job offered to them

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Twitter: @nino_suga

Please if it will be easy I will also make a post about this on my blog webjago.com to create awareness to Canada job seekers.

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