IQAS ECA Timeline Tracking 2021


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Aug 10, 2021
It changed directly from 'in-line' to 'final review' and i was able to download the report by changing the url as mentioned in this youtube video
and am hoping u should be able to download ur report by end of this week too as we both have very close timelines
Thanks again :)
Yes , hopefully it will be done by the end of the week.


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Jan 24, 2021
Great!! Immiboards has a tool just for that, its called the IQAS Fluctuation Tool -> IQAS Fluctuation Tool
I think that's the simplest way :)

I have updated the IQAS Fluctuation tool today and added a method to download report by using IQAS application ID instead of full url since the Final Review button is no longer clickable after an IQAS update. Thanks to @CanNw for sharing that video through which I discovered users may be having difficulty finding their full IQAS url with alphanumeric string in order to use the tool :)