Publication Ethics and Standards Guideline

Ethics policy – Responsibility, Accuracy, Fairness, Transparency, Independence & Impartiality

  • Stories will be factual, timely, insightful, and engaging.
  • The news content will contain verified information based on facts confirmed from authoritative sources. 
  • News reports will not include the author’s opinion.
  • We will ensure the accuracy and fairness of the information reported.
  • We will never omit facts of paramount importance or significance.
  • We will never include unrelated information at the expense of vital facts.
  • We will seek to include comments from individuals or organizations to address any claims about them. 
  • We do not use aliases in our stories; however, editor discretion applies, and we may use only the first name.
  • We are not associated with any other publication, entity or government organization.
  • We will identify all content that contains explicit opinion or personal interpretation and publish it under Blog.

Fact-checking standards

  • The scope of articles published on is limited to Canadian Immigration, Life in Canada as an immigrant, Canada Immigration updates, Canada Immigration Draws, Canada Immigration Policy changes and any immigration-related articles in general. We will fact-check all Canadian Immigration News against official sources, i.e. Government of Canada or provincial resources for Canadian Immigration such as but not limited to:
  • For Immigration articles concerning other countries, we will fact-check with the appropriate official source before publishing the story.

Correction and Retraction

Our core principles of responsibility, accuracy, fairness and transparency drive corrections and retractions. We are responsible to our readers for the correctness of the information we publish. We will post Correction and Retraction as an update at the top or bottom of the page.

Attribution and Plagiarism

We do not present other media’s reporting as our own or publish unattributed material from other sources.

Updated: January 23, 2021

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