PCC Can we get PCC directly from India instead of Vancouver consulate for EE application after ITA?



I got ITA, I tried to get PCC from Vancouver consulate but I am not getting it. So if I get PCC from police headquarter from India, will it work?


Staff member
Jan 24, 2021
Yes you can apply at your local district police station. Source

  • Local district police station
  • Passport Office
  • Indian Embassy or Consulate
  • BLS International Centre
Please note - Character certificates are not acceptable

If you are applying through Vancouver center, you can also ask for extension of PCC in your application with following attachments:
  • Letter of explanation
  • Proof of having applied PCC
  • Current status
What to mention in LOE Sample matter: "Have already applied, haven't received the pcc, it is taking time, I will provide the PCC via webform once I receive it, please allow me additional time to provide PCC."

Please ensure you provide proof of PCC application. Hope it helps.