CLB Calculator – Language Test Equivalency Tool | Convert IELTS to CLB, CELPIP to CLB, TEF to NCLC, TCF to NCLC

What is CLB?

CLB stands for Canadian Language Benchmark.

How to convert IELTS to CLB?

CLB Calculator – Use the CLB Calculators below to convert your language test result to Canadian Language Benchmark

IELTS to CLB calculator | Convert IELTS Score Into CLB

CELPIP-G to CLB calculator | Convert CELPIP-G Score Into CLB

TEF to NCLC calculator | Convert TEF Score Into NCLC - Convertir le score TEF en NCLC

TCF to NCLC calculator | Convert TCF Score Into NCLC - Convertir le score TCF en NCLC