New PR Card Processing Time Reduced to 29 Days for First-Time Applicants

By Vijay Lala


OTTAWA – The processing time for first-time applicants to receive their Permanent Resident (PR) Card in Canada has been significantly reduced to an average of 29 days, according to recent updates from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The expedited processing period aims to streamline the application process and provide immigrants with quicker access to their official PR Card, which serves as proof of their permanent resident status in the country.

Previously, the processing time for new PR Cards was subject to longer wait periods, causing inconvenience and delays for applicants eagerly awaiting their documentation. However, the latest improvements have been implemented to address these concerns, ensuring a faster and more efficient process for new permanent residents.

PR Card Processing Time. Source: IRCC

Applicants can now apply for their PR Card online through the official IRCC website. The online application system offers a user-friendly interface, guiding applicants through the required steps and providing support in the form of detailed instructions. By utilizing the online platform, applicants can conveniently submit their documents and information, making the process more accessible and reducing the need for physical paperwork.

To initiate the PR Card application process, eligible individuals are required to follow the instructions received in the PR confirmation email. They can then complete and submit the application, including necessary supporting documents such as local address, declaration of being in Canada, a recent photograph that will be used on the PR card, identification, and other relevant information. Once the application is successfully submitted, applicants can track the progress of their PR Card processing through the IRCC’s online portal.

The streamlined processing time of 29 days reflects the IRCC’s ongoing efforts to improve its services and provide a smoother experience for new permanent residents. The reduced waiting period ensures that applicants receive their PR Cards promptly, enabling them to access essential services, travel, and fulfill their obligations as permanent residents of Canada.

The PR Card serves as a vital document for permanent residents, allowing them to demonstrate their status when re-entering Canada after international travel or accessing various government programs and services. It is imperative for individuals to possess a valid PR Card at all times to confirm their lawful permanent residency in Canada.

By reducing processing times and implementing a convenient online application system, the IRCC aims to enhance the overall immigration experience and facilitate the integration of newcomers into Canadian society. These improvements reflect the government’s commitment to supporting immigrants and recognizing their contributions to the country’s social and economic fabric.

For more information on the PR Card application process, eligibility criteria, and additional immigration-related inquiries, applicants are encouraged to visit the official IRCC website at

Disclaimer: Immiboards is reporting on the processing time reduction for new Canada PR Cards based on information available at the time of publication. Applicants are advised to refer to the official IRCC website for the most up-to-date information and instructions regarding the PR Card application process.

By Vijay Lala

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