Quebec Immigration – Live and work in Quebec

Immigrate to Quebec to work there

Each year, Quebec Immigration welcomes thousands of immigrants whose skills meet the specific needs of the labor market and facilitate their integration into employment. 

Maybe you too could be so lucky.

Quebec Immigration
Quebec City

Why choose Quebec Immigration?

Because immigrants find in Quebec, in urban areas as well as in the regions, good job prospects and a quality of life among the best in the world.

Because in Quebec, it is possible to make your projects a reality, to push back your limits and to open your horizons.

And also because Quebec allows you to live fully, quite simply!

Are you already in Quebec for work or studies?

Are you currently staying in Quebec for work or studies and want to settle there permanently? 

Learn more about the Quebec Experience Program . It allows easy and quick access to permanent Quebec immigration.

Do you want to apply for Quebec immigration?

Applications for permanent selection are now made under the principle of declaration of interest. 

Thus, people interested in immigrating to Quebec must first complete and submit a declaration of interest. 

The Department will then issue invitations to invite people whose profile matches the needs of Quebec to apply for permanent selection.