Why immigrants prefer Canada?

immigrants prefer canada

Is it true that immigrants prefer Canada? Data shows the number of people immigrating to Canada has increased by 23% between 2015 and 2019 and will rise higher as the country seeks to overcome its ageing workforce. Canada has announced plans to increase the number of immigrants it accepts each year. “Immigration is essential to getting … Read more

How to send transcripts to IQAS with Truecopy

How to send transcript to IQAS with Truecopy

Transcripts, Truecopy and IQAS: Here is a short summary on how to send transcripts to IQAS using Truecopy. Due to the pandemic situation, many candidates are facing challenge in sending transcripts to IQAS. Lot of universities are closed, and others are taking unusual amount of processing time. Good news is that IQAS now accepts digital … Read more

How to get Canada Emergency Response Benefit

CERB Canada Emergency Response Benefit

CERB is Canada Emergency Response Benefit If you have lost income due to COVID-19, you may qualify for $2000/month Canada Emergency Response Benefit. What is CERB? Canada Emergency Response Benefit is a CA$2000/month short term (4-months) basic income for people who have lost income due to Covid-19 pandemic. The benefit scheme was launched on 6th April … Read more