Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

What are the questions for Canadian Citizenship Practice Test?

Questions in Canadian Citizenship practice test come from the official test guide “Discover Canada” which has ten chapters.

How many questions are in the Canadian Citizenship Test 2021?

There are 20 questions in the Canadian Citizenship Test 2021.

What is the time-limit of Citizenship Test?

The time-limit for the Canadian Citizenship Test is 30 minutes.

What is the passing mark for Citizenship Test ?

The passing mark for Canadian Citizenship Test exam is 75% which means you must get at least 15 questions correct from 20 questions.

What happens if you fail Canadian Citizenship test?

  1. If you fail the Canadian Citizenship test, then you must retake the test a second time.
  2. If you fail in the second test, then you must appear for an interview with a Citizenship Official. The interview will last for up to 90 minutes, may be in-person or via video conference and it may be used to assess one or more requirement of Canadian citizenship such as your knowledge of Canada and your language abilities.
  3. If you fail the third time, then your citizenship application will be refused and you can re-apply to try again.

Is the Canadian Citizenship test hard?

The difficulty level of Canadian Citizenship test is moderate.

What are the most common citizenship questions?

Most common citizenship questions include structure of governance in Canada, knowledge about provinces, Canadian history, Rights and Responsibilities of citizens etc.

How can I pass my citizenship test?

We have created this practice test to help you pass the Canadian Citizenship Test. This Canadian Citizenship Practice Test has over 100 questions. Questions in the citizenship test may likely be from this question bank. So practice all questions.

How to use the Canadian Citizenship Practice Test?

Simply click on start to begin your citizenship test. As soon as you click start, system will pick random 20 questions from our question pool and set a time-limit of 30 minutes in which you must complete your test. Once the test is completed, you will be shown the result.

To refresh the question bank, refresh the test page and click start again.

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to sit for your exam to avoid technical difficulties on smaller screens.

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Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

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What is the name of the leader of opposition in Canada (2021)?

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Who are the Métis?

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What are the names of five regions of Canada?

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Name two key documents that contain our rights and freedoms.

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What is Canada called?

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What is meant by the equality of women and men?

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How many steps are involved in the legislative process for a bill to become a law in Canada?

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When did Canada become a country?

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What did the Canadian Pacific Railway symbolize?

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Who thought of the idea of telephone?

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After an election, which party forms the government?

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When was the expression Peace, Order and Good Government used in British North America Act?

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Who was Emily Carr?

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What does it mean to say that Canada is a constitutional monarchy?

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What year was Confederation?

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Where do the Inuit live?

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What does a jury do?

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Who was Sir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine?

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What did Dr. John A. Hopps invent?

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What does Habeas Corpus mean?

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