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Deepti Shukla

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Feb 10, 2020
While applying for WES reference number, during filling in credentials information, do we have to write the name of the college and the university, or only the name of the university is Sufficient? Also, if there is a mistake in the form, then can it be corrected after I have received my wes reference number? 

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Jan 7, 2020
Hello Deepti  - welcome to the forum!

Institution name is the "name of the institution or authority that awarded the credential" which is either a University or an Autonomous College. If you make a mistake while filling in the educational credentials, they will adjust the institution name, credential name, year of award, years of attendance on your WES account to reflect what is indicated on your official academic documents once they are received. Also, to answer your second question - you have very limited scope for making any changes once the application is submitted. You will have to contact them via the contact us page for adding or removing credentials.

All the best!