Express Entry case processing


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Jul 25, 2021
Also, what about processing of Dec 2020 cases Outland?
Hi Aarti, any update? Have you heard from anyone else in the same position?
I have applied from the UK.. October 2020 AOR and medical and biometrics passed in December 2020.

Any update will be appreciated. Thanks


Jun 12, 2020
Not much progress for pure FSW-O. CEC / PNPs continue to get processed faster. Travel restrictions are removed, direct flights now resuming from 27th Sep, so hopefully we may see some PPRs for FSW starting Nov/Dec.
Thanks Vijay. Is IRCC extending meds or asking for remed?
Well, remed would again mean a delay if 2-3 months!
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Sep 28, 2021
Hello Vijay. Its been months that we connected.

Any update about EE case processing time line? My time line of 6 months have passed by.
Hi, Im in the same situation. I applied for Express Entry and my Application was received by IRCC on 1 DEC 2020. And till March 2021, the progress bar showed 67% progressed. And then they took the progress bar off and since march 2021 up till now the application status is: " we are processing your application and will let you know when there is an update". I passed medical in Jan 2021. And my medical expires on 6 OCT 2021.So most likely I will have to give medical again. Im from Pakistan. And I had no dependants. Just myself being the sole applicant.


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Sep 28, 2021
Thanks Vijay. Is IRCC extending meds or asking for remed?
Well, remed would again mean a delay if 2-3 months!
Hi, I spoke to my consultant today who prepared the application for me. He is very experienced in this. He says theres a huge possibility (almost certainty) that I will have to give the medical again.


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Jan 24, 2021
Thanks Vijay. Is IRCC extending meds or asking for remed?
Well, remed would again mean a delay if 2-3 months!

If your medicals are expired or about to expire, IRCC will send it for reassessment to Health Branch where the RMO (Regional Medical Officer) will determine whether to extend them or ask for re-med.

Extensions will be given in accordance to the COVID-19 relief policy. The extension period varies from 6 months (designated countries) to 1 year (non-designated countries). Further, ability to land in Canada is also a consideration factor.

The designated list of countries (same as TRV) can be found at Find out if you need a medical exam -

In order to qualify for extension, your immigration medical exam should have been assessed as M1 or M3

M1: No public risk or danger, no public safety danger and no excessive demand
M3: A health condition(s) is present but is not expected to place an excessive demand on health or social services.

Medical profile assessment codes for reference:

M1: no public health risk or danger, no public safety danger, and no excessive demand
M2: potential risk to public health - medical surveillance required
M3: health condition(s) is present but is not expected to place an excessive demand on health or social services
M4: inadmissible due to danger to public health (e.g., active infectious tuberculosis)
M5: inadmissible due to excessive demand on health and social services
M6: inadmissible due to danger to public safety
M19: excessive demand exempt

Medical assessment coding
Admissible codes (M1, M2 and M3)
Excessive demand exempt code (M19, M29 and M39)
Inadmissible codes (M4, M5 and M6)
Surveillance codes (S1, S2.01, S2.02 and S2.02U)

The results of the IME are entered into eMedical, which are then uploaded into CIC’s Global Case Management System (GCMS). Relevant notes will be added in GCMS based on your assessment.


If your medicals are about to expire or have already expired but you have not yet received any reassessment request from IRCC, then you can get an IME (Immigration medical examination) from a panel physician and send it to IRCC via webform (upfront medical). In all such cases, the medicals are valid for 1 year.

Hope it helps!


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Oct 5, 2021
@Vijay My PR application has been under process since Nov 2019. GCMS notes state everything is approved. However, the portal is still stuck on Background check. Its an outland application (FSW) from India. Any idea of when can i expect a final response? Called IRCC multiple times but not a single response on status or expected completion.


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Jul 8, 2021
Some recent PPR for FSW - Outland. Taken from various FB groups and forums

aor - march 2020
all passed since feb 2021
ppr - 21-10-21
Cor - Lebanon
vo - paris


AOR - Aug 28, 2020
Upfront Medical - Aug 13, 2020
Biometrics - Feb 25, 2021
Everything passed - 30 Mar, 2021 (GCMS)
Remedical request - Sept 15, 2021
Remedical passed - Oct 8, 2021
PPR - Oct 20, 2021
COR - India
VO - CIO, Nova Scotia
Secondary VO - NDVO


Timeline (FSW-O):
ITA: Nov 2020
Medicals: December first week
AOR: January 2021
Re-medicals requested: October 6 2021
Re-medicals passed: October 18 2021


Category : PNP Outland (Ontario)
COR : India
Primary VO : CIO
AOR : 18-JAN-2020
Biometric: 5-Feb-2020
Medicals Expired : 27- DEC-2020
Re-medical done and approved: 6-MAR-2021
PPR : 20-OCT-2021


AOR - 31 Jan 2020
COR India
Stream - PNP (OINP)
VO - Sydney, NS
PPRI -8 December 2020
COPR Expiry - 30 May 2021
Remed Request - 23 August 2021
Remed passed - 2 September 2021
PPR2 -4 Oct 2021
Passport webform raised - 5 Oct
Payment link - 6 Oct
Passport Pickup - 7 Oct
Passport reached VFS - 8 Oct
Passport reached IRCC - 8 Oct
Processing started • 1 1 Oct
Passport dispatched from IRCC - 20 Oct
Passport dispatched from VFS - 20 Oct
Passport received - 21 Oct


Aor Jan 18, 2020
Pnp outland SINP
COR - India
Bio 1st Feb, 2020 India
Remedical request 1st feb, 2021
Remeds passed - 8th feb, 2021
5th Oct - GU
Ready for visa mail - 15th oct
VO - Sydney, CIO


Pnp Ontario FSW-O
AOR: Jan 2020
Remedical request: 9 Feb 2021
Medicals passed 16 Feb 2021
Silence after that
PPR: 15 October 2021
VO: Ottawa


Aor- March 2020 PNP
Remed request-22nd sept
Remed passed-19th Oct
Ppr-25th Oct