IQAS Daily Limit Reached Issue workaround


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"IQAS daily limit of applications for immigration purposes has been reached for today. The application portal will re-open at 8:15 am Alberta / Mountain Time. Thank you for your interest in IQAS. " This is the common problem all users are facing. IQAS has allotted a quota system and you have to create an application exactly around 8:15 MST time. You will get around 5 minutes to create application.

Workaround for IQAS Daily Limit Reached Issue:


  • Ensure Fast and Stable Internet Connection. Preferably fiber broadband 50 mbps or higher
  • Use a fast computer/laptop
  • Disable ad blocker and popup blocker in browser (Use Microsoft Edge)

  1. Login at 8:00 MST
  2. Complete Draft Application or Make online Payment
  3. Quickly check all the details one by one. (Time: complete within 10 minutes)
  4. Go to final payment page at 8:14:00 MST (where credit card and preview option is there.  Initially, it will show IQAS daily limit of applications for immigration purposes has been reached for today

    • Refresh the page once or twice (you will get same message of daily limit reached..)
    • Do a final refresh sharp between 8:14:30 MST and 8:14:40 MST
    • Once the page refreshed DO NOT WAIT - Just click preview and payment (Don't wait for preview file).
    • Another page will open and you will have 5 minutes to make final payment
For reference, this is MST to IST conversion:



Please reply to confirm if it worked or not.



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I'm trying to upload my documents since 1st jan and everytime it shows application reach limit. 



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I had same problem for a long time but finally solved it yesterday.

This is what I did:

Keep focus on 8.15 Alberta time. Watch out for 8:15 Alberta time. Log on 5-10 minutes early and stay on the page.
On new application page select ECA and wait for the page to load. If you get a prompt about limit select okay and try again.
Copy and keep the link ready. Paste it 5 mins prior to 8.15.
Keep scrolling up and down to avoid session timeout


Moumita Pal

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This video answers all questions and actually works. Tells you exactly how to make your application on IQAS despite the impossible time limit.

The channel also has other genuine and helpful videos.