IQAS ECA Timeline Tracking 2021 (Status not changed)


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Oct 5, 2021
Hello Guys,

Any one please suggest me what to do, Actually I have submitted my iqas application as per below timeline, My university has sent bachelor degree online electronically and my other university has sent Master degree transcripts through offline Courier (which was delivered on 25th Aug, 2021) But on Iqas account it is showing status pending (waiting for transcripts) - and in Additional Information section - Rec'd bachelor degree.

So any one please suggest me what I can do, They are not showing that they have received my Master degree which was delivered before the bachelor degree transcripts but offline.

Application Submitted: 13 Aug, 2021
Master Documents Reached: 25 Aug, 2021
Application Received: 03 September, 2021 (Waiting for Transcripts), Additional Information - Rec'd Bachelor

Till date status showing Pending (Waiting for Transcripts) Additional Information - Rec'd Bachelor


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Aug 10, 2021

They are taking a lot of time to confirm receipt of documents sent via courier.

My transcripts reached their office on 6th Aug and the confirmed the receipt on 30th Sept.

All you have to do is wait now to have your status updated.