How to get a job in Canada from India

By Vijay Lala



If you are an Indian looking for a job in Canada, then this article is just what you need. If your dream is to work and live in a North American country, then here are easy steps to help you get a job in Canada from India. All you have to do is follow them diligently, and soon enough, jobs will start pouring in!

Canada is a country that has been attracting immigrants from all over the world for many years. Jobs are one of the most attractive aspects of Canada, especially for Indians who have been migrating to Canada in enormous numbers for decades.

If you want to explore your career options in Canada, the best way to go about it would be by exploring various websites that offer information on how to find a job in Canada from India.

However, finding a job in Canada from India is no easy task. If you are an Indian citizen and want to work in Canada, there are a few things that you need to know.

The first thing to note is that it’s not as easy as just finding a job in Canada from India and flying over the border. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps that will help make your application process much smoother!

Know the Canadian work culture

Understanding the Canadian work culture, the job market in Canada and your industry is vital before starting your job hunting. In addition, it requires adequate research on the prospects before you set out to find a job in Canada from India.

Canadian work culture

It is fair to say that Canadian society is tolerant, accepting and rewarding. Canadians are polite individuals. When it comes to the work culture, Canadians are big on networking.

A reference from an existing employee holds more sway than a referral from a job portal. As you research and apply, you will experience that more positions get filled by way of reference even before you get a chance to give your interview as an external candidate.

The biggest challenge in finding a job in Canada from abroad is “Canadian Work Experience” or the lack of such. You will probably hear this as the reason for rejection after many interviews.

Job Market in Canada

Based on your profession, you must consider the skill demand and the wages in the provinces. Canada is a vast multicultural country with expansive geography.

The first step of research is to check where your occupation is in demand. There are thirteen provinces in Canada, and each province offers a unique opportunity.

For example, if you have experience in mining and natural resources, you may consider a province like Alberta; however, if you are a banker or a finance expert, you should explore Ontario as your choice for work.

Toronto is the financial capital of Canada. It is also the hub of the software industry. So if you are a techie, then choose Toronto for finding a job.

Similar to Toronto, Montreal is the creative capital of Canada. If you are a designer, then you can select Montreal. It is a beautiful city too with a low cost of living.

Top 10 Occupations in Canada that saw the maximum increase in job vacancies in Q2 2021:

OccupationVacancy Two Year % Change in demand
Licensed practical nurses5230140%
Social and community service workers622098%
Registered  nurses and registered psychiatric nurses1035586%
Construction trades helpers and labourers893075%
Material handlers551060%
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates709059%
Store shelf stockers, clerks and order fillers441038%
Retail salespersons835032%
Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations987027%

Canada has plenty of jobs opportunities in most fields, and one can find something that matches their expertise or interest. It would be best to be proactive about your job search as Canadian employers expect candidates to show initiative apart from a resume submission. For instance, to land an interview, you must first get past the automatic resume filters. So optimizing your resume will play a key role.

As I mentioned earlier, Canadians are big on networking. But how do you network with individuals in Canada from India? Sure, you can use LinkedIn and start connecting with relevant contact points; however, it is better to optimize your resume before starting your networking. Learn how to write a Canadian Style Resume.

Learn about Canada’s education system and how it differs from India’s

There are some fundamental differences between the education system of Canada and India. For example, graduation in Canada is usually four years, while it is for three years in India. 

Key Differences:

Last Minute studies: In Canada, deliverables are split throughout the semester, so it is impossible to pass the subject just by giving the final exams by studying just in the last few days.

Subject Deliverables: The subject deliverables vary by subject, and each topic has multiple deliverables throughout the semester, including presentations, assignments, projects, co-op, quizzes, labs etc.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is unacceptable for completing your deliverables. If you copy-paste your assignments, the professor will give 0 marks by default.

Exam structure: The exam structure in Canadian colleges/universities promotes continuous improvement.

Typical exam structure (may vary by courses)

25% – Mid term

20% – Final term

20% – Practicals

25% – Labs

5% – Quizzes

5% – Presentations, Projects, Assignments etc.

So as you can see, it is not possible to study in the final days of your exam and pass the subject. You have to clear multiple small exams to pass the subject finally.

These differences are the key reasons Canadian employers prefer to hire applicants who have completed some education in Canada.

The process of getting a job in Canada

5 step process of getting a job in Canada:

  1. Optimize your resume
  2. Network on LinkedIn / Use Job sites
  3. Land an interview
  4. Get a job offer
  5. Apply for a work permit

What are the qualifications required to get a job in Canada?

The job posting will mention the qualification requirements for each job on the job listing page. It can vary based on the type of job. Usually, a high school certificate is required at the minimum. However, many job listings mention just the needed skills, e.g. MS Office, Excel, Truck driving experience, commercial driver’s license etc. and do not require formal education.

Example of a job listing on that mentions the requirement for the job of a customer service agent in Canada:

customer service representative job requirements canada

Example of a job listing on LinkedIn that mentions the requirement for the job of a truck driver in Canada:

truck driver job requirements canada

What are the documents required to apply for Job in Canada?

Documents required to apply for a job in Canada

What are the job prospects in Canada – Understand what a job offer entails in Canada

From a job perspective, the Canadian market recovered almost 90,000 jobs in August alone. In addition, there is a consistent increase in demand for various industries such as healthcare, software, truck drivers, cleaners, managers in multiple industries etc., in Canada.

How to prepare for Canada job search from India or abroad

How to prepare for Canada job search from abroad

Let’s break down your Canada job preparation into five small steps:

Step 1. 

Identify which province has the highest demand for your industry

Step 2. 

Check few job listing sites and filter down to listings for that province. Note down what are the requirements of the employers. Pay attention to skillsets and keywords

Step 3. 

Open up your resume and start optimizing. Create a Canadian style resume and highlight your skills and add appropriate keywords.

Multiple Variants

The key to success is creating multiple variants of your resume and tailoring each to a specific job listing.

If you have shortlisted 25 job listings, prepare 25 copies of your resume, with each copy optimized for that particular job posting.

Add Keywords

It would help to get past the automatic filters by adding keywords and skills relevant to the position. Unless you do so, your resume may not be picked up by headhunters.

Your resume may be filtered out automatically by AI even before it reaches a human. So here, it is essential to optimize your resume by highlighting important keywords from your work experience for the open position.

Step 4. 

Apply across multiple channels and network with head hunters or employees on LinkedIn. See if anyone can put in a referral for you. A referral will go a long way to get that first interview.

Networking on LinkedIn has the maximum success rate to get hired in Canada from India or any other country.

Step 5. 

Since you are applying for a job in Canada from India or abroad, keep your expectations realistic. Understand the limitations of the employer.

Any employer who wants to hire from abroad must prove that they cannot find local talent (LMIA). Hence, most employers avoid hiring from abroad due to additional documentation requirements.

However, if your profile is excellent and your industry is in demand, employers may go that extra mile to get you to Canada on a work permit. So keep trying and learning from each interview till you finally get an employer willing to give you a job offer.

Find jobs in Canada

To find a job in Canada, create accounts on all Canadian job search websites. Make sure you update your LinkedIn profile before applying anywhere.

The power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best way to get your foot in the door when it comes time for interviews.

As per a study released by LinkedIn, more than one-third (35%) say they have found their next job this way, and nearly two-thirds (61%) say it plays an integral part in career progression.

There are more than 18 million LinkedIn users in Canada alone, be it head hunters or employees.

LinkedIn Membership Numbers

As per LinkedIn, 64% of job seekers are hired through referrals. 

Did you know that 80% of jobs are filled without employer advertising? This is also known as the “hidden market.” Network with the people on LinkedIn to discuss their experience and land your first job through a referral.

Top Canada Job search websites

LinkedIn (

Indeed (

Monster (

Jooble (

Job Bank (

CareerBuilder (

Interviewing tips for Canadian jobs

Most hiring decisions are made within the first 30 seconds. So be prepared and present your best self.

Sample resumes cover letters and interview questions for Canadian Jobs

Once you have done sufficient research on getting a job in Canada, it is time to create a good resume. Please go through Canadian Style Resume: Write a resume for jobs in Canada. You can also get a free sample of the Canadian Resume Template for this page.

Pros and cons of moving to Canada

If you have read through the complete article till here, it means that you are already aware of the pros and cons of moving to another country. You have made up your mind to come to Canada. However, there are a few things that you must consider before you make a move.


Canada is expensive

Canada is a beautiful country with plenty of resources and opportunities for people to live comfortably. However, the downside to this is that the cost of living in Canada is much higher than in other countries. For example, a medium-sized house in Toronto can cost over CA$ 800,000. Canada also has a high tax rate that can go up to 44%.

It’s cold in Canada

The winters in Canada are very long, which you should evaluate carefully before choosing your province. The temperature can dip past -30C in many parts of Canada.


Excellent Healthcare System

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Primary healthcare in Canada is free.

Canada is safe

Canada is a multicultural society that welcomes immigrants from all around the world. It’s an ideal place for those looking to start their new life in Canada, and it has one of the highest immigration rates on this continent, along with the lowest crime rate in North America.

Strong Job Market

The Canadian economy is recovering strongly after the pandemic. Canada added close to 90,000 jobs lost earlier. The demand for below occupations is rising in Canada:

  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Social and community service workers
  • Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • Construction trades helpers and labourers
  • Carpenters
  • Material handlers
  • Nurse aides
  • Orderlies and patient service associates
  • Store shelf stockers
  • Clerks and order fillers
  • Retail salespersons
  • Food counter attendants
  • Kitchen helpers and related support occupations

The pandemic had negatively impacted many aspects of life for people living in Canada, but now employment rates have increased along with other indicators that show economic health on the rebound.

As per the latest report from StatCan, the number of jobs available increased to record numbers in the second quarter of 2021.

Apply for a work-permit visa to come to Canada

Last but not least, apply for Canada Work Permit Visa to come to Canada and start your new life!


Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Indian job seekers. This article has provided you with several tips to make your move easier, as well as links to resources that can help you find a job in Canada from India.

If there are any other questions about how to get a Canadian work permit or immigrate to Canada, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer them or visit Canada Immigration Visa Forum to get answers for free!

Vijay Lala is the founder and editor-in-chief of Dual master's degrees in Political Science and Economics, along with a decade of Canadian immigration research experience, have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of immigration law, policy research, and settlement issues. Linkedin  Twitter

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