Navigating Ontario PNP: Understanding Photograph Requirements

By Vijay Lala



If you’re considering applying for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you’ll need to pay attention to several important aspects to ensure a smooth and successful application process. Among these requirements are the photographs you need to submit as part of your application. In this blog post, we will guide you through the photograph requirements for the Ontario PNP, helping you understand the specifications and ensuring that you submit the correct photographs to support your application.

  1. Size and Format: The first step is to ensure that your photographs meet the specified size and format guidelines. For the Ontario PNP, two identical passport-sized photographs are required for the principal applicant, as well as for each accompanying family member. These photographs should have a size of 50mm x 70mm (2 inches x 2.75 inches).
  2. Recent Photographs: It is crucial that your photographs are up to date and recent. The Ontario PNP requires that the photographs be taken within the past six months prior to your application submission. This ensures that your appearance accurately reflects your current self and helps prevent any confusion during the processing of your application.
  3. Technical Specifications: To comply with the Ontario PNP guidelines, your photographs must meet certain technical specifications. Here are some important considerations: a. The background should be plain, light-colored, and free of any patterns or distractions. b. The photographs should be in color, with a high-resolution and sharp focus, ensuring that your facial features are clearly visible. c. The images should be printed on high-quality photo paper and be of professional quality, without any tears, creases, or alterations. d. The photographs should be printed with a matte or glossy finish, as long as there is no glare or shine that may affect the visibility of your features.
  4. Pose and Expression: When taking your photographs, it is essential to adhere to the required pose and expression guidelines. The Ontario PNP specifies that your head and shoulders should be centered and facing the camera directly. Your expression should be neutral, with both eyes open and clearly visible, and your mouth should be closed. Ensure that your hair does not cover your eyes or face, as it may obstruct your features.
  5. Name and Date: To avoid any confusion, it is recommended to print your name and the date on the back of each photograph. This can be done with a soft pencil or felt-tip pen, ensuring that the information is legible without causing any damage to the photograph.

Photograph Specifications:

PR Photograph Specification Source:

Download Canada Permanent Residents photograph specifications PDF:

Visa application photograph specifications:

Submitting accurate and compliant photographs is a vital aspect of your Ontario PNP application. By understanding and meeting the photograph requirements, you can ensure that your application proceeds smoothly, without any delays or complications. Remember to carefully follow the size, format, and technical specifications, while also paying attention to your pose, expression, and the recentness of the photographs. By adhering to these guidelines, you enhance the chances of a successful application and bring yourself one step closer to your immigration goals in Ontario.

By Vijay Lala

Vijay Lala is the founder and editor-in-chief of Dual master's degrees in Political Science and Economics, along with a decade of Canadian immigration research experience, have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of immigration law, policy research, and settlement issues. Linkedin  Twitter

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