Will TR to PR Pathway Open Again In 2022?

By Vijay Lala



Over the past few months, there has been much speculation about whether TR to PR will open again in 2022. TR to PR was a one-time opportunity for specific individuals working in Canada and their families. Unfortunately, the program closed on November 5, 2021, and IRCC stopped accepting new applications after this date.

Will TR to PR pathway open again in 2022?

TR to PR is not going to come back in 2022. TR to PR was a temporary pathway created by IRCC to convert temporary residents into permanent residence in 2021. However, many people were looking forward to a TR to PR program in 2022 because it was such an easy program to get Canadian PR quickly.

Why will there be no TR to PR in 2022?

There is no need for a program like TR to PR in 2022 as IRCC is expected to fulfill 2022 PR targets via existing applications in the queue.

What should I do if my PGWP is about to expire and there is no Express Entry / CEC draw?

IRCC has temporarily paused Express Entry draws for CEC and FSW candidates. However, it continues to invite PNP category applicants. The latest Express Entry draw was on March 2, 2022, inviting 1000 PNP category applicants.

So, if your PGWP is about to expire, you should try to get a PNP invitation from any of the provinces. We will soon write a detailed article on how to stay in Canada after your PGWP expires so stay tuned and subscribe to our push notification.

Will IRCC Process TR to PR applications in current year?

Yes, IRCC will process the pending applications from the previous year and issue PR. However, no new applications can be submitted now to IRCC in 2022.

How many applications have been processed under TR to PR so far?

IRCC has received a total of 84,177 applications under the TR to PR pathway in 2021. As per the immigration levels plan released by Canada, 72,000 permanent residence admissions are earmarked for two years from TR to PR program out of which 40,000 applications will be processed in 2022. 32000 applications will be processed in 2023.

By Vijay Lala

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