Canada study permit rejection rate for Indian students on the rise: Report

By Vijay Lala



As per a report published recently in The Indian Express, the Canadian High Commission is refusing student visas to a large number of Indian students.

Students with high IELTS scores and those already enrolled in colleges have been rejected. These applicants will now have to re-apply for their visas before they can continue studying there. Canada study permit rejection rate has been reported to be on the rise as per the article.

For the past two weeks, Canada’s High Commission office has rejected many applications from Indian students looking for study permits.

Canada Study Permit Rejection Rate Increase

It is not uncommon for students who try to enter Canada to be denied entry, but this year has seen a much higher refusal rate.

As per the news article, a shocking 60% of these refusals were given in just the past few weeks, which means at least ten out of fifteen people who apply will get rejected!. Some even going so far as tweeting about their experience.

The rejection is in contrast to some of the temporary policy changes made by Canada last year such as allowing PGWP for full online study and new work permit to retain international students.

What exactly is causing such an increase? Is it due to stricter security screening or something else entirely? The experts say only time will tell!

Due to flight suspensions following the pandemic outbreak, there is now a large pileup of more than three-and-a-half million student visa applications — meaning there may not be enough resources available to resolve all these applications in time!

The result? A significant number of applications may get rejected at the first stage.

Reasons for Study Permit refusal

Several students have scored high on IELTS but are being denied visas because of their poor academic performance.

A common reason for rejections is the selection of courses by students. For instance, if a student has a weak academic record due to their percentage in 10th grade and 12th grad school records and low scores on IELTS tests, then it’s almost guaranteed that the visa officer will refuse them a visa.

Similarly, should an intelligent applicant opt for an easy course which they have already studied here – such rejection would come from visa officers who question why someone with this much knowledge wants to repeat what can’t offer anything new worth grasping?

Every year, lakhs of international students apply to study in Canada. Unfortunately for many applicants, though, not all applications are accepted.

We have requested data from StatCan for actual numbers of Canada study permit applications from India vs Canada study permit rejection rate for the period June-July 2021. Watch this post for an update on the same.

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