Express Entry draw 175 invites PNP candidates

By Vijay Lala



Immiboards ― Canada invites 654 PNP Candidates in Express Entry draw 175. Candidates needed a CRS score of at least 720 to receive an invitation in this draw. 

The cut off score is higher because IRCC targeted this draw towards candidates having a provincial nomination.

Provincial nominees get 600 additional points in the Express Entry profile.

The tie-break date and time for this draw was set to August 14, 2020 at 06:51:00 UTC

The last PNP draw was held on January 20, 2021. With this draw, the total number of ITA issued this year reached 10,654. 

Express Entry Draw 175

Program: Candidates with Provincial Nomination
Comprehensive Ranking Score: 720
Invitations issued: 654

Below is the bifurcation of invitations issued in the current year:

Draw#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS cutoff
17510-Feb-21Provincial Nominee Program654720
17421-Jan-21Canadian Experience Class4626454
17320-Jan-21Provincial Nominee Class374741
1727-Jan-21Canadian Experience Class4750461
1716-Jan-21Provincial Nominee Program250813
Canada Express Entry Draws 2021

With the start of 2021, Canada has invited only Canadian Experience Class candidates and Provincial Nominees.

The cut off score of current draw is 21 points lower compared to the previous PNP draw of 20 Jan.

Why only PNP and CEC Draws?

This strategy is similar to last year when Canada issued back to back invitations only in these programs during travel restrictions.

The next draw will most likely be for Canadian Experience Class program (later today).

Canada is yet to conduct an open draw in the current year.

Express Entry is Canada’s online system of managing immigration applications.

Express Entry manages applications for the three key economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

In the previous year, Canada invited 107350 candidates under the Express Entry system which was a record year for Express Entry.

Canada set to invite more than 400,000 immigrations in 2021. Canada has a goal to invite over 1.2 million immigrants over the next three years. Refer to Canada immigration target 2021-2023.

By Vijay Lala

Vijay Lala is the founder and editor-in-chief of Dual master's degrees in Political Science and Economics, along with a decade of Canadian immigration research experience, have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of immigration law, policy research, and settlement issues. Linkedin  Twitter

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