Express Entry Draw 195 invites 627 PNP Candidates

Immiboards ― Canada invited 627 PNP Candidates in Express Entry draw 195 on July 7, 2021. Candidates needed a CRS score of at least 760 to receive an invitation in this draw. 

The cut off score is higher because IRCC targeted this draw towards candidates having a provincial nomination. Only the candidates from the Provincial Nominee Program were eligible for this round of invitations.

Provincial nominees get 600 additional points in the Express Entry profile.

The last PNP draw was held on June 23, 2021. The number of PNP candidates who received invitation in this express entry draw have decreased compared to the previous draw. 1002 candidates received invitation in the PNP draw held on June 23, 2021 compared to 627 candidates in this draw.

Express Entry Draw 195

Program: Candidates with Provincial Nomination
Comprehensive Ranking Score: 760
Invitations issued: 627

ITA issued to 627 candidates under the “Provincial Nominee Program”. The minimum CRS points required were 760 points. The tie break date was June 14, 2021 at 07:44:05 UTC

PNP and CEC Draws to continue

Canada is yet to conduct an open draw in the current year. Canada will continue inviting only PNP and CEC candidates till pandemic travel restrictions are lifted. Based on last years trends, an all program draw might be pushed back to second half of 2021.

The goal appears to retain individuals staying and working in Canada since candidates outside the country cannot travel to Canada even if they complete all the formalities.

Canada has a goal to invite over 1.2 million immigrants over the next three years. Refer to Canada immigration target 2021-2023. With this draw, the total number of invitations issued this year has reached 89,342. 

PNP Draws have crossed 6.6k invitations so far in 2021 with Express Entry draw 195

With this draw, the total number of invitations issued this year has reached 89,342 out of which the Provincial Nominee Program draws accounts for 7% of the invitations at 6,689 invitations.

Express Entry

Canada ranks Express Entry candidates in the pool using a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). About every 2 weeks, IRCC invites the top candidates in the pool to apply for permanent residence during rounds of invitations. If you are looking to increase your CRS score, here are Six ways to improve your CRS Score.

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