Work Permit Extension Announced By IRCC Canada

By Vijay Lala



In a major announcement on Friday (April 22), Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced that IRCC will open work permit extension to all PGWP holders. This is big news coming out of Canada and will benefit thousands of individuals whose PGWP Work Permit was expiring.

Details of the announcement for extension of Post Graduation Work Permit

Who is eligible for Post Graduation Work Permit extension?

Anyone with a valid PGWP that is expiring between January and December 2022, will qualify for the PGWP Open Work Permit Extension program. This is aimed at retaining close to 50,000 PGWP holders whose work permits are going to expire in the current year.

This is one the most positive news coming out of Canada in recent times with respect to Canadian Immigration.

What is the Post Graduation Work Permit extension scheme announced by the Canadian government?

It is a special scheme aimed at providing 18 month open work permit for close to 50,000 Post Graduation Work Permit holders whose work permit is going to expire between January 2022 and December 2022.

Where can I find more information on Post Graduation Work Permit extension scheme announced by IRCC?

IRCC will soon come out with details on the application process. They have stated that the entire application process will be streamlined. A notification will be issued by IRCC is May 2022.

Till when will the Open Work Permit be valid for?

The Open Work Permit will be issued for a period of 18 months while you wait for a decision on your Permanent Residence application.

Can I apply for an open work permit after PGWP under this extension scheme?

Yes, you will be able to apply under this scheme if your PGWP is expiring in the current year. More details will be published on this site as soon as IRCC notifies us.

Is PGWP and open work permit same?

No, PGWP and Open Work Permit are not the same thing. PGWP can be issued only once in a lifetime after you have completed an eligible course from a recognised DLI in Canada while Open Work Permit can be issued and renewed multiple times. It is not tied to a specific employer or education.

You can read the official press statement by issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada here.

By Vijay Lala

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